Wetlands path complete at Kaduna Park

The completion of the walking path around the Kaduna Park wetlands at Officer South couldn’t have come at a better time for residents whose exercise options are limited by the stage 4 Covid restrictions.

Kaduna Park locals can now enjoy the natural beauty of the estate’s magnificent 6 hectare wetlands thanks to the 1.5km walking path and bridge. The path circles the wetlands, which play an important part in Melbourne Water’s ongoing quest to improve the health of Port Phillip Bay.

President of the Kaduna Park Residents Group Siggy Rehburg said the finished path added to Kaduna Park’s liveability.

“The path is great for people to take their kids and animals for exercise. The wetlands are lovely with ducks just starting to come in. Walking around it you really do feel you are out in the country,” Mr Rehburg said.

“The path and bridge are a good place to gather your thoughts and enjoy the peaceful outlook.”

Mr Rehburg said he hoped plantings at the southern end of the wetlands would eventually attract different species of birds and wildlife to the area to complement the ducks, geese and frogs that already live there.

“We can hear frogs in the wetlands from our place which is really cool.”

The specially constructed wetlands connect diverse species of native plants and animals while also filtering pollutants like oils and litter from stormwater. Water is directed into Kaduna Park Wetlands to allow litter, sediment and other pollutants to settle to the bottom where it is filtered by micro-organisms and algae that grow on plants. After water has spent one to three days in the wetlands, cleaner water is released which helps to reduce algal blooms in Port Phillip Bay.

Marketing manager Jarod Mills said the team at Parklea was delighted to be able to complete the wetlands and footpath so early in the development of Kaduna Park.

“We felt it was important for residents that the proposed works to complete the path around the wetlands were expedited. We are also working to finalise landscaping works in this area and initiating discussions around other potential improvements,” Mr Mills said.

Mr Rehburg said he had seen wetlands developed at other estates, but none matched the beauty of those at Kaduna Park.

“This is much nicer, particularly because this one has a country feel which is good. Walking round back of (the wetlands) you feel well away from suburbia and houses.

“Kaduna Park is marketed as having a country feel and when you are out enjoying the wetlands it strikes you that you really are in the country.”

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