Last Piece of the Puzzle

For many families, finding the perfect place to call home is a great achievement. For the Micciche family, it was the final piece in their ‘puzzle’ of becoming Australian citizens.

Bruno, his wife Carole and their two children were among the first residents to move into Kaduna Park last month, and they couldn’t be happier.

Originally from the United Kingdom, the family moved to south east Melbourne eight years ago, as they believed it would be well-suited to their young family. Bruno believes they “made the right choice” with Kaduna Park.

“Officer is growing and it looks like Kaduna Park will be really stunning. We are very lucky to be one of the first families to move into the estate. We’re very excited to start living there,” said Bruno.

Desiring a permanent home close to Berwick, where the family had rented, Bruno and Carole found Kaduna Park in February last year and decided to build with Simonds. He says their move to Officer’s newest land estate couldn’t have been better.

The experience with Kaduna Park was perfect.

Bruno Micciche, Kaduna Park Resident

“First, we had contact with our builder, Simonds, who directed us to Rebecca from Parklea for the land. We then received regular contact from the Parklea team about everything — from when the land would be titled to when we were able to start visiting our site. Overall, it has been quite a positive experience. We would absolutely, without a doubt recommend purchasing and building at Kaduna Park.”

Bruno says resident activities and events, such as the Kaduna Park Family Picnic and the Easter egg hunt earlier this year, have been a great way to meet neighbours and to help build a “family environment” within the new estate.

“We have started meeting our neighbours, who we first made friends with on Facebook. We’re all sharing our experiences — it seems to be really positive,” said Bruno.

The family is looking forward to completing their front garden in the next three months in order to claim Parklea’s landscaping rebate. Further down the track, Bruno hopes to see more pathways and tracks around the estate, so he is able to train for marathons and triathlons. One day, he would love to start a Kaduna Park residents’ running group.

The family know it may take some time for the estate to be fully established, but they are keen to see the end result. For now, they are thrilled to be in their “final home”, which Bruno says is an exciting chapter in their story. From attaining a temporary visa to becoming Australian citizens, the final goal for the family was to build their own home.

“For us, this house is a way of becoming fully Australian. We are citizens, but having the house being built — our own house — is the last piece of the puzzle of becoming fully Australian, of our Australian journey. It’s really exciting for us. We made it here!

“We want to name our house ‘Newleaf’ because, for us, it’s a new age — turning a new leaf or page in our history.”


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