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  • 5th July 2018

    Parklea QTRLY – Edition 7 OUT NOW

  • 25th June 2018

    Construction Update

  • 10th April 2018

    Kaduna Park Entry in-progress

  • 30th November 2017

    Parklea QTRLY Edition 5 out now

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Resident’s updates
  • 6th September 2017

    Third generation Facey reflects on 100 years in property

    Since 1917, the Facey family has had a profound impact on real estate, business and property development in Melbourne’s South East. 100 years on, Andrew Facey, founder of prominent development company Parklea is the third generation shareholder of

  • 25th July 2017

    Parklea QTRLY out now

    Parklea QTRLY Edition 4 is out now, featuring the soon to be released Kaduna Park!

  • 6th May 2017

    Putting Officer South on the map

    Developer Parklea has been working with Cardinia Shire Council and Service Authorities on this development for a number of years as part of their initiative to extend the growing Officer area. The estate will comprise around 800 lots

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